Oundle Community

About this site

The Oundle Community Facebook page was launched in February 2016, with a view to providing a suitable forum for the many events and small local businesses that are based in Oundle and its surrounding villages. Its primary intention was to ease a burden from another Facebook page, Items for sale in Oundle & surrounding villages, whose intended purpose was for the buying and selling of goods. There now exist two distinct pages with their own intended function.

While larger businesses can afford to pay for advertising, smaller businesses can appreciate a helping hand by advertising on the Oundle Community page. With 4,000 likers to date, there is a ready supply of potential viewers. Whatever the event or occasion, you can be sure that people will be made aware.

Advertising your event or business

If you have a business, event or charity that you would like to share on the Oundle Community Facebook page, please observe the following:

Local businesses are also encouraged to connect with us on Twitter by visiting twitter.com/oundlecom.